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OM Engagements
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Engagements Lucy M Touche 30/05/2023  
Congratulations to Giles Skrine (C1 2009-14) and Lucy Touche (MM 2010-15) who recently got engaged.
Engagements Harriet F Hedges 03/03/2023  
William Haxby (BH 2007-12) and Harriet Hedges (MO 2007-12) got engaged in February 2023.
Engagements Edward A Mackay 22/06/2022  
Edward Andrew Mackay (C1 1987-1992) announced his engagement to Emily Pope in November 2021.

Engagements Edward C Oakden 14/02/2022  
Congratulations to Edward Oakden (TU 2001-06) on his engagement to Alexandra Natalina Wilson.
Engagements Liam T Dempster 22/09/2021  
Congratulation to Liam Dempster (B1 2005 - 10) and Izzy Nixon (LI 2009 -11 on their engagment.
Engagements Isabel K Nixon 22/09/2021  
Congratulation to Izzy Nixon (LI 2009 -11) and Liam Dempster (B1 2005 - 10) on their engagment.
Engagements James W Middleton 29/03/2021  
James Middleton (BH 2000-05) to Alizée Thevenet
Engagements Tatiana R Humphreys 07/01/2021  
Tatania Humphreys (MM 2006 - 2011) to Benedict Kay (PR 2006 - 2011)
Engagements Benedict T Kay 07/01/2021  
Benedict Kay (PR 2006 - 2011) to Tatania Humphreys (MM 2006 - 2011)
Engagements Lucinda C Dimbleby 04/08/2020  
Lucinda Dimbleby (EL 2004-09) to Richard Brendon.
Engagements Cordelia J Hockin 16/08/2019  
Cordelia Keevil (MO 2001-06) is pleased to announce her engagement to George Hockin in February 2018.
Engagements Ross M Martyn-Fisher 25/07/2019  
Ross Martyn-Fisher (C2 2002 - 2007) became engaged to Natasha Craig in March 2019

Engagements Owen T Farr 13/03/2018  
Owen Farr (CO 2005-2010) has just got engaged to Aileen Nedjati-Gilani.
Engagements Verity I Seamer 20/06/2019  
Verity Seamer (LI 2007-09), is delighted to announce her engagement to Joel Gerard. The wedding will take place in November 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.
Engagements Sebastian E Fagg 24/04/2019  
Sebastian Fagg (C1 2004-09) announces his engagement to Harriet Gibson (EL 2004-09).
Engagements Harriet C Jarvis-Bicknell 03/04/2019  
The engagement is announced between Harriet Jarvis Bicknell (EL 1999-2004) and Frederick Payne.
Engagements Elizabeth H Hamilton 08/06/2011  
Elizabeth Swinn (LI 2006-08) to Neil Hamilton
Engagements Thomas J Blanshard 16/02/2018  
Thomas Blanshard (LI 2003-08), son of Michael Blanshard and Philippa Blanshard is engaged to Georgina Garnier, daughter of Jimmy Garnier and Katherine Garnier
Engagements Edward W Daniell 16/02/2018  
Ed Daniell (C1 1999-2004), son of James Daniell(C3/TU 1963-68)and Annie Daniell is engaged to Georgina Clarke, daughter of Tim Clarke and Emma Clarke (nee Murdoch), (PR 1972-74)
Engagements Edward A Colclough 07/07/2014  
Ed Colclough (B1 2000-2005) is delighted to announce his engagement to Miss Kate Clark, daughter of Mr and Mrs John Clark of Gunthorpe, North Norfolk
List has 71 notes on 4 pages << < 1 2 3 4 > >>

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