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OM gathering in New Zealand

EIGHT OMs went to a lunch hosted by Mike Andrews (PR 1960-65) at his home in Auckland on Saturday 10th March.

Those attending were: Seated (left to right) Robert Sweet (C3 1959-62), Helen Blanshard (nee Warnock) (MO 1994-99), Siobhan McCarthy (EL 1990-93), Mike Andrews (PR 1960-65)
Standing (left to Right) Peter Cropper (B2 1950-54), John Hunt (C3 1955-59), Richard Davies (C3 1972-77), and Tim MacCaw (LI 1961-65). Tim is a part-time NZ resident.

Ronald Turnbull captures the great outdoors

RONALD Turnbull (C3 1964-68) is an outdoor writer and photographer and he has written many fascinating books about his trips.  

He says: “I'm an all-weather walker, writer and photographer based in Southern Scotland. My special interest is in multi-day backpack trips over rough country, and I have completed 18 different coast-to-coast journeys across various parts of the UK. I like to sleep out without tent on UK hilltops, and have achieved comfortable nights on more than 70 in Scotland, Cumbria, Wales and Northern Ireland."

Click here for further information from his website.

Turnbull is ultimately worth reading, not just because of the clever quirkiness of his thoughts and phrases but because his night yomps and his high bivvies and his off-beat, off-beaten-track jaunts show that he retains that most basic of outdoor-writer essentials: a simple love of being out there, somewhere, on the surface of the planet.” The Angry Corrie, 1999

The Encounter by Simon McBurney (LI 1971-75)

DIRECTED and Performed by Simon McBurney (LI 1971-75), The Encounter traces the journey of  Loren McIntyre, a National Geographic photographer, who found himself lost among the people of the remote Javari Valley in Brazil.

It was an encounter that was to change his life, bringing the limits of human consciousness into startling focus. Simon incorporates innovative technology into his solo performance to build a shifting world of sound. The play is on at the Barbican from 14th April to 5th May 2018.

Tickets can be bought here.

Hoops I Did It Again!

A squad of OM netballers, playing under the name 'Hoops I did it again' have won the Go Mammoth West London League for the second season in succession, maintaining their 100% win record.

Pictured from left to right are Georgia Bishop (EL 2007-10), Milly Hibbert (NC 2007-12), Hannah Marsden (NC 2010-12), Emi Geddes (NC 2007-12), Gaby Rose (EL 2007-12), Lucy Perkins (EL 2007-12), Alexa Scott-Dalgleish (MM 2007-12) and Harriet Hedges (MO 2007-12), with a special mention for Daisy Jarvis (MM 2007-12), the non-playing captain suffering from a broken foot.

After a ten-week rest, the Hoops will be back to Tuesday evening action in Shepherds Bush!

One Man and His Gundogs...

HAVING been in the army and then worked as Head Trainer at Mullenscote Gundogs, Stephen Harrison (B2 1970-75) now runs a gundog training and demonstration organisation.

They teach people to train family pets for the home and to take shooting and do demonstrations of dog training methods, gundog skills and party tricks at events (private and public).

You can find out all about Stephen, his training and the events here.

Monkeys in my Head

HARRY Lloyd (SU 2004-09) has released his single Monkeys in My Head with his band Waiting for Smith.

The single was reviewed in The Clash and you can read interviews with Harry here. The single is available to download from the following sites:

Apple Music

Marlborough College and the Great War in 100 Stories

IN bringing to a conclusion our commemoration of those Marlburians who died in WW1 we are producing a book to tell the stories of a generation at war. It is a unique journey of reflection through which runs a strong sense of shared Marlborough heritage, experience and memory.

Along with the more familiar names of Charles Sorley (C1 1908-15), Sidney Woodroffe (B1 1908-14) and Siegfried Sassoon (CO 1902-04) the book includes personal family memories of OMs drawn from diaries and letters, snapshots of school life before and during the war, and stories behind commemorative objects and places on campus such as the Outerbridge window in Chapel and the Wedgwood Stone.

Pre-publication orders

The book is published in May 2018 but we are taking orders now at a special pre-publication price of £35.00. Orders will be held and the book dispatched to customers post publication. 

Order now to avoid disappointment

This is a limited edition of only 749 copies – the exact number of those whose names are commemorated on the back wall of the Memorial Hall – copies will sell fast. On publication the price will increase to £40. Hardback, 210 pages approx, colour and b/w illustrations.

OM Rackets - get involved!

OM Rackets players are invited to take part in the final event of Marlborough College’s 175th anniversary celebrations - Commemoration Day on Saturday 26th May 2018.

There will be a number of OM sports fixtures played on the day and if you would like to return to Marlborough and play rackets on the day, please email the Marlburian Club office here.

Shaw sings at the Barbican

ROBERT Shaw (PR 1961-65) sang JS Bach’s Johannes-Passion (St John Passion) with the London Lawyers at St Giles Cripplegate at the Barbican on Saturday 17th March.

In an email to the Marlburian Club office, Robert said: "It was a most successful concert.  Even a full audience, despite the snow, (including Daniel Defoe and John Milton - see photo) whose busts stand beside John Bunyan and Oliver Cromwell, who were all parishioners!"

'The Rift - A journey within a journey'

IN September 2015, Robert Devereux (B3 1968-73) embarked on an epic journey to be the first person to walk the Rift Valley in one go, which he completed in April 2017.

His son Louis (B1 2004-09) recorded the trek in a deeply moving documentary, “The Rift - A journey within a journey - A man's attempt to conquer the Rift Valley. A son's attempt to understand his father.”

He is now looking for investment via a kickstarter campaign in order to complete editing and assist in distribution costs. You can find out all about the adventure, the documentary and the kickstarter campaign here

MC Global Connect - over 500 now signed up!

THE Marlburian Club has recently launched MC Global Connect – the official networking platform for Old Marlburians, with over 500 OMs now signed up!

MC Global Connect enables you to:

- Search the OM Community; contact OMs and keep in touch.
- Advise and guide; offer mentoring to Sixth Form pupils or young OMs.
- Discover & connect; find OMs willing to introduce you to people 'in-the-know'.
- Connect through events; business, networking, reunion, sporting & club. Find out what's on & where.
- Join Groups; for relevant professional conversations and to find out about OM sports activities.

Mark Tidmarsh (B3 1983-87), a member of the Marlburian Club Committee commented: “A revelation! This is going to be great for OMs- an easy to use, secure place for club members to develop relationships with like-minded fellows. I look forward to sharing, reading and meeting with many new club members!"

You can sign up here in less than two minutes via your Linkedin or Facebook profile or by your email address.

Dr Nick Maurice – Thriving through Venture

DR Nick Maurice (C3 1956-61) has set up a new charity with educational psychologist Caro Strover called Thriving Through Venture (TTV).

It has been set up amid concerns that we have in our society an increasing number of young people who lack self-confidence, self-esteem and a sense of purpose. Launched on January 17th, the Programme for 2017/18 will offer twelve 16-18 year olds in Wiltshire and Swindon the opportunity to be involved in three projects, both local and in Gunjur, The Gambia where they will spend two weeks in August. You can find out all about the venture here

Hugo Garland (TU 2004-09) - Marathon des Sables Lecture

ON Wednesday 10th January 2018, Hugo Garland returned to Marlborough to give a talk to the Upper sixth about his extraordinary achievement in his completion of the Marathon des Sables. 

Freddie Moorhead (TU U6) wrote a review of the lecture for the Marlburian Club...

As part of the Wednesday afternoon ‘Life After Marlborough’ lecture series, the Upper Sixth enjoyed a talk by Hugo Garland (OM TU 2009) detailing his gruelling race across the Sahara Desert, the infamous Marathon des Sables. Translating as ‘Marathon of the Sands’, the race takes its competitors on a 250km route in temperatures upwards of 45ºC. Hugo took us through what it was like race, from the gruesome details of what it does to your feet to the equipment needed to be self-sufficient on a 6 day run. There are strict requirements by the organisers to ensure racers have the correct amount of calories and water in their pack at all time, of which Hugo’s weighed 8kg at the beginning. Everything you need you must carry, as only water is provided at the camps which is what makes this race so notorious in the running community. There are simply no other events like it.

The remarkable part of Hugo’s endeavour is that most people need two years to train for the marathon, whereas he applied only four months before the race commenced. To finish top 50 is so impressive and just shows how determined Hugo is. The purpose of his run was in order to raise money awareness for his chosen charity, Precious Sisters, which helps the bright young girls from the poorest backgrounds in Kenya get a better education and the chance to develop their talents. They remarkably had a girl from the slums in Nairobi graduate from an American university, which is a very uplifting story.

The talk was nothing short of inspiring, and definitely left an impact on us.

Alternotives - singing sensations!

BELLA Imi EL (2011-16) and Rosie Richards (EL 2010-15) and their group Alternotives
have qualified for one of the semi finals of the world A Capella singing championships (ICCA), to be held on 31st March in London.

There are nine groups competing. The final will be on Broadway and Rosie has organised a tour for the group at Easter which will cover campuses at Philadelphia, York, Newhaven, Boston and Washington so they will be going to the USA whatever the outcome!

OM interview with Mark Alleyne

SAM Morshead (LI 2000-05), now Digital Content Manager at the Cricketer, discovers how Mark Alleyne, now Cricket Professional at Marlborough, turned Gloucestershire great and why the one-day master wants Test cricket to survive.

Alleyne worries about cricket becoming one-dimensional. “I think it would be a regression to go back to a one-format game again. Even though it’s shorter, I think people will get tired of it,” he says.

Click here to read the full interview.

Rory Stewart-Richardson sets up Connexi

RORY Stewart-Richardson (TU 2002-07) set up his own company, Connexi, which went live in February 2017.

Connexi is an online marketplace that brokers partnerships between Brands and Social Influencers and Sponsorship Rights Holders. It enables brands to engage with their audiences through a wide range of trusted advisors and aims to cut the time spent searching for the most relevant Social Influencers, whilst ensuring the Influencers remain in control of their audiences.

Find out more about the company here and follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

You can read all about the process he went through setting up the business here

A Passage to India – Directed by Simon Dormandy (C2 1971-75)

SIMON Dormandy’s (C2 1971-75) Passage to India is showing in the Park Theatre, Finsbury Park, London until Saturday 31st March.

You can find out all about it and book tickets here.

MC Global Connect - coming soon!

WE will very shortly be launching our new networking platform MC Global Connect – the official networking platform for Old Marlburians. MC Global Connect enables you to:

• Search the OM community; contact OMs and keep in touch
• Advise and guide; offer mentoring to Sixth Form pupils or young OMs
• Discover & connect with OMs willing to introduce you to people in the know
• Connect through business, networking, reunion, sporting & club events; find out what's on & where.

Keep an eye out for the email coming soon!

Victoria Lupton (SU 2003-05)

VICTORIA Lupton (SU 2003-05) is an arts producer and theatre maker.

She has worked as a producer in contemporary art organisations in Beirut and London including Ashkal Alwan, Chisenhale Gallery, The Showroom and Studio Voltaire. Her collaborative performance work includes Another Place, an audio walk she created with Syrian writer Doha Hasan which has toured to London, Brussels and Santiago so far; translating the play The Final Return by Ghiath al Mhithawi from Arabic to English alongside Stefan Tarnowski for the Royal Court Theatre; and producing At Home in Gaza and London, a digital theatre project by Station House Opera taking place in both cities. In 2016 she took up the role of Director at SEAL, New York (Social and Economic Action for Lebanon).

Caroline Senley Designs

INTERIOR designer Caroline Senley (1991-96) has a few projects on the go at the moment. 

One, a large-scale project on a grade II listed property in Westminster, adjacent to Hyde Park, where she is sourcing vintage pieces and commissioning work to mix with the owner’s quirky belongings.  The fascinating list of past residents includes a renowned Victorian artist so Caroline is finding paintings and sketches by the artist, allowing her to indulge in her true passion of History of Art.

Although the world of Interior Design is fickle and fast changing Caroline avoids following trends and uses a classic aesthetic to achieve a timeless beauty.  She uses ‘design research’ as an excuse to explore hotels, restaurants, museums and boutiques, at home and abroad, as sources of inspiration. She tells us that "she is always fascinated by and fully admires the work of so many brilliant Architects and designers who constantly have fresh ideas for all of our sensory fulfilment.  I am also refreshing 90-suites in a hotel, which does require following on-trend hues and styles and requires me to wear a completely different hat. If you love hats as much as I do it isn’t even ‘work’"

You can visit her website here.

Frank Gardner: What Makes us human?

FRANK Gardner (LI 1974-79) was recently interviewed by Jeremy Vine on Radio 2.

You can listen to the interview here.

Hong Kong Cocktail Reception

ON Tuesday evening Hock Chua (B1 1978-82) is hosting a Cocktail Reception on behalf of Marlborough College at The Hong Kong Club from 6pm-8pm, with OMs welcome to attend.

This occasion is part of a series of events to celebrate 175 years of Marlborough College and 50 years of Girls. During the evening guests will also hear from Marlborough College Council member Amanda Cooke, about the current health of the school and its vision for the future.

Should you wish to attend please email Events Manager, Fiona Cottrill, here.

Marlburian Club Dinner - Tickets on Sale

TICKETS are selling well for the Marlburian Club Dinner, which will be held at Hampton Court on Thursday 10th May 2018.

Exclusively for OMs, tickets include a drinks reception and three-course dinner with wine in the wonderful surroundings of Hampton Court.

Priced at £135 for Adults and £90 for OMs U30, they are available to purchase online here.

Roger Upton MBE

OLD Marlburian beaglers will be saddened to hear that Roger Upton MBE has passed away. 

A renowned falconer and a true countryman, Roger served on the committee of the Marlborough College Beagles for many years. 

His Memorial Service was held in the College Chapel on Monday 12th February.

Cricketing journey continues

CHARLOTTE Bawden (MM 2010-15) was part of the Durham University Women’s side who lost narrowly in the BUCS Indoor Final to Loughborough on Sunday.

Keep up the good work, Charlie.

Tom Tuke-Hastings launches Borrago

TOM Tuke-Hastings (BH 1990-95) has launched Borrago, the latest addition to the adult soft drinks market.

He said: "I decided to start Borrago because I have a love of food, drink and entertaining,’ said creator Tuke-Hastings. ‘With alcohol being a declining part of this, I struggled to find exciting grown up non-alcoholic options and wanted to create something that would be delicious, grown up and worth celebrating with."

Click here to read the full article.

Digital Enterprise Group event

THE Digital Enterprise Group event ‘Business in the Digital Age' takes place this evening at the Blackbaud Europe Offices at London Bridge.

The speakers will be R. Krishnan Ambady and James McCarthy.  They will discuss where they believe the opportunities lie for businesses in the areas of Artificial General Intelligence, Blockchain and Mixed Reality as well as the upcoming GDPR data regulations and their impact.

Please click here for further information. Tickets are £15 or £10 for OMs aged 25 and under, to include drinks and nibbles.

MBE for Emily Brooke (TU 2002-04)

EMILY Brooke’s (TU 2002-04) company, Blaze, has gone from strength to strength this year, earning her and MBE in the process.

Read the full story here.

Lucie Hughes (SU 2012-14) – Work Placement

WE were very pleased to help Lucie Hughes (SU 2012-14) make the most of the OM network to find full time work in the finance sector.

She started in her new role at Cazenove Capital Management on 22nd January after asking us if we could put her in touch with OMs in the sector. We would like to say a huge thank you to Robert Snuggs (B1 1996-2001) for his help in putting Lucie in touch with the relevant department in the organisation.

We will be launching a new networking platform called Graduway, which will make contacting OMs and offering help much simpler. We will email all OMs to register in the next few weeks.

Pip Brignall (LI 2002-07)

PIP Brignall (LI 2002-07) is currently performing in the immersive production of Think of England at the VAULT Festival, which runs until Saturday 11th February.

The play was in The Stage's top 5 shows to see this week. You can read all about it and book tickets here.

Nutrition, Health, Myths and All That

AFTER many years wading through myths about health and identifying the link between nutrition and health, Frank Tennant (CO 1949-54) has published his book debunking many food and nutrition beliefs, “Nutrition, Health, Myths and All That” available on Amazon.

Please click here for more details.

New date for Palmer Marlborough Beagles 66th Anniversary Dinner

THE Palmer Marlborough Beagles 66th Anniversary Dinner will take place on Saturday 28th April.

There will be drinks in Adderley at 6.30pm followed by dinner in the Common Room Dining Room at 7.00pm.  For further information or to book tickets please contact Sean Dempster (CR 1994-2017) on 01672 514650 or 

The Lawn Meet in Court will take place on Tuesday 13th March at 1.00pm.

Dicky Broadhurst (PR 1996-2001)

AFTER being made redundant eight years ago, Dicky Broadhurst (PR 1996-2001) embarked on a world travel adventure.

His travels inspired him to set up a company, Morse Toad, to make sending special gifts easier wherever you are in the world.

Three years in and the company is going from strength to strength.

You can read all about his path to success here.

Carys Wright (MO 2005-2010)

CARYS Wright (MO 2005-2010) is an actress, writer and co-artistic director of double award winning Pennyworth Productions. She is currently appearing as 'Emily' in 'EMPTY BEDS'.

Since founding in 2016, Pennyworth Productions has been the recipient of both the Scottish Daily Mail Award and an Eddies Award, and has had work programmed at Edinburgh's Underbelly, The Arcola Theatre (as part of its EH to E8 Pick of the Fringe Season), and at the Camden and Galway Fringes.

Their double bill ‘MOMENTS | EMPTY BEDS’ is now running at The Hope Theatre, Islington (Jan 30 - Feb 17). Having formed to use New Writing to Challenge Old Ideas, Pennyworth explores mental health, modern loneliness, family tension and missed connections.

New Space for Tessa Packard

TESSA Packard's (TU 2001-03) new London showroom is now open. Located in London's Chelsea district, this by-appointment space re-imagines the study of a Victorian gentleman collector, decorated with the art and objects amassed on his Grand Tour.

It is a space dense in curiosities, from taxidermy snakes and badgers to brightly hued gemstone specimens, porcelain jelly moulds and botanical sketches - each corner a rich display of the many things that inspire Tessa's designs.

Tessa notes: "This year marks five years since I first launched the brand and we are super excited to reach a point in our journey where we now have our very own, stand alone space to offer to clients and collaborators."

Click here for further information.

Charles Hamilton Sorley (C1 1908-13)

FIVE poems by war poet Charles Hamilton Sorley (C1 1908-13) are being set to music by leading composer Sir James MacMillan to commemorate the end of World War One.

You can find out more here.

Ultramarathon - Matt Pocock (TU 1995-2000)

BACK in November we bought you the news that Matt Pocock (TU 1995-2000) was embarking on a unique ultramarathon test of endurance in Cambodia, over 300km from the capital city of Phnom Penh to Siem Reap over six days, with his friend Mark Ferguson.

We are delighted to bring you the news that he successfully completed the challenge and has raised an incredible £78,599 for the Temple Garden Foundation Cambodia, which enables communities to become stronger at organising for their own constructive development.

You can still donate here.

Harpsichord Build – Theodore Woods (B3 1951-55)

THEODORE Woods (B3 1951-55) recently sent us in a photo of a large harpsichord that he built from a kit from Hubbards near Boston USA.

Commenting on the build, he said: "It has turned out to sound a great deal more beautiful than my wife and I ever expected.

"You will be aware of the very funny comparisons made by several eminent musicians of the 20th century. Percy Scholes said it sounds like 'a birdcage played with a toasting fork!' Well, luckily it doesn’t. I chose this particular kit because it has the most different timbres, or stops, you can get, and it has delivered in spades. It has taken, on and off, seven years. After I retired, I took to running parishes as a locum, a very rewarding thing to do, but it slowed the project a bit! It was fairly costly, though competitive in that market, but as my financial adviser said, 'You’re dead a long time!"

He further reminisced: “When I was at Marlborough the school ran a large woodwork shop on the Bath Road, run by an extremely irascible carpentry teacher we called “Bushy” Brent. We all regarded his temper as a bit of a joke, but were very careful not to let him see it. However, he was highly skilled and a great teacher of both pottery and carpentry, and the large number of woodworking skills he gave me have stood me in good stead for the rest of my life.

"He is probably the reason I still had enough skills, 50 years later, to build the harpsichord. (The very tall standard lamp in the photo, I made under him in my last year). He conducted actual class lessons to junior school classes as part of the curriculum, and then one could go in one’s spare time, out of hours, when one was in the final years. There was also a Metal Workshop, with another good teacher, but this was entirely voluntary and never part of the curriculum.”

Charles Rodwell (PR 1969-74) - Painting & Exhibitions

CHARLES  Rodwell (PR 1969-74) is a Slade School of Fine Art trained artist based in North Wiltshire specializing in Landscape and Figure paintings including colourful work based on travels to India and other destinations and has a number of exciting events happening this year. 

5th-13th February – he will be teaching at a painting course in Sri Lanka with Clare Inskip.
10th-14th April – he will be having a one-man exhibition of recent paintings at the Piers Feetham Gallery, 475 Fulham Road London SW6 1HL.
23rd-30th June – he will be running a painting course at Manoir Du Battut, a wonderful location with stunning surrounding landscapes in France.

He will also be running several painting workshops at his studio in Wiltshire. 

A selection of his work and details of all the above events can be seen on his website here.

A Passage to India

READ all about how Simon Dormandy (C2 1971-75) adapted A Passage to India on the Salisbury Playhouse blog.

Dormandy, whose recent directing work includes co-directing his own adaptation of Coen Brothers’ film The Hudsucker Proxy at Liverpool Playhouse, and directing Julius Caesar at Bristol Old Vic. He was also Director of Drama at Eton College for 15 years, where his pupils included Eddie Redmayne and Tom Hiddleston, as well as the co-director of A Passage to India Sebastian Armesto.

Click here to find out more.

B1 Boys Catch Up

SEVEN former B1 boys met in London for an evening with their old HM shortly before Christmas.

Pictured below are Oliver Newton (B1 2001-06), Harry von Behr (B1 2001-06), Niall Hamilton (CR 1985-), James Scott (TU/B1 2001-06), Jack Whitehall (B1 2001-06), Noah Devereux (B1 2001-06), Dominic O'Mara (B1 2001-06) and Archie Bellville (B1 2001-06).

Swindon Recital Series – Sarah Mattinson (MM 2012-17)

THE first concert of the Swindon Recital Series New Year sees a mother and daughter duo, Clare Toomer and Sarah Mattinson (MM 2012-17), perform together.

Concert pianist Clare is a welcome regular to the recital series but this time she will be playing alongside her daughter Sarah, who is currently studying at Oxford after achieving her ABRSM flute diploma at Marlborough College. One of Sarah’s highlights so far has been to play Rachmaninov’s 2nd piano concerto with the Southbank Sinfonia.

The performance is on Wednesday 24th January at the Wyvern Theatre Swindon at 1.05pm.

To find out more or to book tickets, click here.

Into the Numbers, Georgie Staight (MM 2006-11)

INTO the Numbers, directed by Georgie Staight (MM 2006-11) is currently showing at the Finborough Theatre in London.

The play commemorates the 80th anniversary of the Nanking massacre and has received fabulous reviews. The run finishes this Saturday 27th January.

For more information or to book tickets, click here.

Vacancy: Office Assistant

BECKY Addison (PR 2015-17) is heading off travelling in March and therefore leaving her role of Office Assistant at Lucy’s Dressings.

Lucy's Dressings one of the UK's leading dressings and sauces brand and the role is full-time at their offices in Clapham, London, supporting a small team of passionate foodies in all aspects of the business.

For more information, click here.

New Year Honours

CONGRATULATIONS to the Rt Hon Sir Christopher Chope (SU 1961-65), MP for Christchurch, who was awarded a knighthood, and Lieutenant Colonel JDL Leask (Littlefield 1991-96) who received an MBE in the New Year’s Honours List. 

OM winners at Masters Squash

THERE is an active national season of squash for older players of both genders, over-35s and upwards in five-year intervals, with six regional tournaments across the winter and two UK ones.

The 2017/18 South of England tournament was played in December in Winchester, and two of the categories were won by OMs; the over 65 title was won by John Goodrich (B3 1966-70) and the over 70s by Aubrey Waddy (B1 1960-65).

They did it! OM trio complete Marathon de Sable

BEFORE Christmas, we brought you the news that Hugo Garland (TU 2004-09) would be taking part in the gruelling Marathon de Sable.

The event is a 251km ultra-marathon foot race, the equivalent of approximately six regular marathons, in six days taking place in the Ica desert, in Peru. He completed the challenge in an incredible overall position of 47th out of nearly 400 on the original start list. 

In an amazing coincidence, while on the race he found out that two other OMs were also in the contest. Josephine Adams (LI 2007-09) and Charlie Good (B1 1988-93) also completed and finished in the top 100. An incredible achievement and an unbelievable physical feat. 

Hugo took part in the event to raise money for a charity in Kenya called Precious Sisters. You can still donate by going to his Just Giving page here. Well done Hugo!

Diamond Wedding Anniversary

PAUL Walters (CO 1947-51) celebrated his 60th diamond wedding anniversary on Thursday 4th January.

He married Thelma on 4th January 1958 in Reigate and they have three sons and two grandchildren and live in Hampshire. He wore his original school scarf and Marlborough College tie to the celebratory lunch!

Many congratulations from everyone at The Marlburian Club.

OMs invited to Communications Networking Event

WE like to invite you to the first event for the newly formed Old Marlburian Communications Network (For any OMs with an interest in Marketing, PR, Advertising, Sales, HR & Recruitment or any other similar fields) on Thursday 8th February.

This will be held at the offices of 93digital, a digital marketing agency who have very kindly donated the space for the event, many thanks to Alex Price (LI 2006-11) for sponsoring the evening.

The focus of the evening will be a panel discussion titled "What is effective communication in the 21st Century?" As well as hearing from the panel, this will also be an opportunity to exchange ideas, share knowledge and meet fellow OMs in your field or similar ones.

Click here for ticket details and to find out more about the OM panellists.

Job Opportunities at the London Residents Club

TOM Archer (C3 2002-07) set up the London Residents Club in London three years ago helping London property owners make some extra income on their properties by short letting them when they are vacant.

They currently have several job opportunities available and take on interns throughout the year. If you are interested in any of the following positions, please send in your CV to

Operations Associate
A born problem-solver sought to bolster our busy day-to-day operations. If you have the confidence to make quick, well-considered decisions and take responsibility for running the daily operations of a fast-growing property management company, then this role is for you.

Revenue Manager
We're seeking a real whizz with numbers who favours accuracy and diligence above all else. Our ideal candidate should have previous experience with short lets and reservations & revenue management, but we are open to speaking candidates of all ilks, especially if they have a mind for pricing and yield management.

Client Account Manager
We are looking for an empathetic people person with superb written English to be the face of The London Residents Club. The client account manager is the primary point of contact for all clients thus they should love engaging with people from all walks of life, solving problems and be a master delegator and chaser.

Sales Associate
Love seeking and converting leads? Like getting out of the office to see beautiful properties all over London? Personable and honest? If this sounds appealing, you could be The London Residents Club's first sales associate responsible for building out the sales function during a period of rapid growth for the business.

Can you help inspire former pupils?

IF you left Marlborough between 5 and 20 years ago, or there about, we would love you to come back and chat to the Hundreds about your career to date at our Careers Speed-dating event.

Even if you are only a year or two into work or on a graduate training scheme, the pupils would love to hear about how you got there.

We can promise a lively evening and we’ll even treat you to a curry supper in Common Room afterwards!

We’d love to hear from you, and any of your willing contemporaries, if you would like to come along – early evening on Thursday 1st February.

Travel expenses will be paid.

Please email for more information.

Harriet Baldwin MP (LI 1977-79) promoted in the Cabinet reshuffle

Huge congratulations to Harriet Baldwin MP (LI 1975-79) who has been made Minister of State at Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Department for International Development in the Cabinet reshuffle.

OMs at the Institute for Democracy

Dan Hannan (BH 1984-89) was recently passing through Kuala Lumpur to promote a post-Brexit trade deal where he spoke at a think tank event called Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS).

The event was organised by Abidin Muhriz (BH 1995-2000), founding President of the Institute.

Commemoration Day - Saturday 26th May

2018 marks the 50th year of girls at Marlborough College and the 175th year since the College was established.

Parents, pupils and OMs have taken part in a number of events already during the anniversary celebrations, including the school walk, the Cycle to the Somme, the Festival of Sport and OM Art Exhibition at Sotheby’s.

The next and final event is Commemoration Day at Marlborough on Saturday 26th May 2018. Look out for more details soon.

The John Hopgood Story

2018 is the 100th anniversary of the RAF and the 75th anniversary of the Dambuster's Raid.

One of the Dambuster Pilots was John Vere Hopgood (C1 1935-39) who died heroically, second in command, at the Mohne Dam keeping his burning Lancaster flying against all odds for long enough to enable two of his crew to escape with their lives. His story was published, by his niece Jenny Elmes, in the book 'M-Mother' in 2015 and she has just published a limited 'bijou' edition of his Marlborough School Diary 1938-39.

There are only a limited (20 copies) number of this book available at £50 each and for £20 extra you can buy M-Mother. Email Jenny Elmes at if you would like to buy a copy.

Work Experience, Career Advice and Mentoring

WE always have OM graduates and university students looking for work experience, careers advice or mentoring and its always helpful to have a bank of people to call upon.

If you are happy to be asked about work experience or careers advice, please do let the Marlburian Club know via email or contact us.

OM Events in 2018

AS part of Marlborough College's 175th Anniversary celebrations, events are planned in Melbourne, Sydney, New York, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore during 2018.

The College recognises the importance of its overseas alumni and is looking forward to meeting international OMs over the coming months.

Further details will be added to the forthcoming events page in early 2018.

Steve Emberton Art

Steve Emberton (C2 1947-1952) took up oil painting as a hobby when he retired from the Wellcome Trust in 1997.

He joined a group of amateur artists in Marbella, where he and his Spanish wife have a second home. Since then he has completed well over a hundred pictures, many of which can be seen on his website here.

Gallery: Marlborough at Sotheby's

Held on Tuesday 12th December, the Sotheby’s Marlborough Art Exhibition and Private View was an outstanding success.

220 Marlburian guests raised £30,000 to support Marlborough based SpringBoard / RNCF Bursaries in two hours – what an achievement and heartfelt thanks to them all! The evening went with pizazz and all the sparkle of this festive season.  Soho House canapés accompanied by champagne and “Soho Mules” kept the spirits and noise levels lively.

Broadcaster Kirsty Young was our host for the evening where legendary former Director of Art, Robin Child, was celebrated. Four of his former pupils, Emily Faccini (LI 1983-85), Susannah Fiennes (LI 1976-78), Rose Shorrock (MO 1990-92) and Silvy Weatherall (TU 1984-86), chosen to celebrate the 50th anniversary of girls at Marlborough,  exhibited their extraordinary diverse work. Many of the OM guests reminisced about Robin’s inspiration.  

The event provided a perfect setting for “The Marlborough Art Collection” to be founded by Roman Trotsenko, a current parent, who presented the Master, Jonathan Leigh, with a Joan Miró drawing in its original frame.  This is the start of a moving exhibition around the Houses.  It is hoped others may be similarly inspired to donate works by known artists and also current Marlburians may give a significant piece of their art work when they leave the College.  This way a true Collection may form providing future inspiration for The Arts at the College.

Click here for a gallery of images.

Gallery: OM Carol Service

AROUND 300 OMs gathered on Monday evening for annual OM Carol Service.

Held at Chelsea Old Church, images from the ever-popular event can be viewed here.

Coconuts Naturally by Cecily Mills

CECILY Mills (MO 1996-2001) started Coconuts Naturally in 2015. They make organic, dairy-free ice cream and are growing at a fantastic rate!

They have just been listed with Ocado and are available in Morrison’s stores, Asda from next month as well as across Dubai and, soon to be, Hong Kong too.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

THIS beautiful new edition of Newt Scamander's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J.K. Rowling is packed with an extraordinary array of magical creatures all of which have been beautifully illustrated in full colour by Olivia Lomenech Gill (MM 1990-92).

Click here for more information.

Julie Brook - Forthcoming Talks

JULIE Brook (LI 1977-79) is a British Artist who for 25 years has roamed, lived and sculpted in a succession of uninhabited and remote landscapes in North West Scotland: Hoy, Orkney; Jura, West coast; Mingulay, Outer Hebrides.

She has explored the black volcanic desert of central Libya and in the Jebel Acacus mountains in South West Libya (2008/2009) and the semi-desert of NW Namibia (2011/2012) where the nature of light, shadow and structure are expressed in the sculptural forms Brook makes. She has a show of her work opening in Oxford on January 24th at the Said Business School and will be telling the story of her rug collaboration with Dovecot, through the realms and environments she explores in her artistic practice, to her most recent collaborations and research in Japan at a talk at the Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh on 20th December 2017. In particular, Brook is going to focus on the work of 15th-generation Raku tea-bowl maker, artist and craftsman Raku Kichizaemon.

All details can be seen here

You can see details of all her other exhibitions here.

Screen Your Story

SCREEN Your Story, a screenwriting and filmmaking competition for children, recreated a football match played during the First World War between British and German soldiers.

Jack Whitehall (B1 2001-06) captained the England XI at Barnes Elms Sports Club. The competition sees children write a story of up to 500 words with a particular theme and the winning stories are all published in a fully illustrated book, and the top story in each age group is turned into a film that is then shown at the Olympic Studios cinema in Barnes. Jack Whitehall presented the awards.

Proceeds from both the Christmas review and the football match were donated to Prostate Cancer UK. 

Bush Wedding

MIKE Bush (TU 1993-98), Beak and Marlborough Cricket Blues manager married Lesley Olsen on Saturday 8th April 2017 in the College Chapel.

His best man was Adam Fraser (TU 1993-98). The Marlburian Club would like to extend our warmest congratulations.

OMs to feature in 24 hour Music Marathon

SEVERAL Old Marlburians are returning to Marlborough this weekend to take part in the 24 hour Music Marathon, raising funds for the Brain Tumour Charity and the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Lawrence Davies (C3 1980-85), Will Hooker (LI 2004-2009) and Frances Leith (EL 2007-2012) will all be featuring in the 24-hour music marathon in memory of Bobby Cox who, just over two years ago, tragically died of a brain tumour. He was just five years old.  Since then his parents Paul and Harriet have raised over £150,000 through 'Bobby's Fund' for The Brain Tumour Charity and the John Radcliffe Hospital, and this event seeks to further increase that figure in this vital area of medicine and in support of those marvellous organisations.  

The event will take place at various locations at Marlborough College, including the Chapel, the Ellis Theatre and the Goodson Hall (Henry Hony Centre).

Click here for a video preview or here for further details.

Tavistock Institute Festival

JULIET Scott (B2 1985-87) is now director of the Tavistock Institute Festival.

The institute recently celebrated its 70th anniversary and the launch of its archive with a four day event in London. Juliet has been leading the Institute's work with the Wellcome Library to catalogue the archive. The Festival included an exhibition of her metalpoint drawings and prints developed from this work.

She recently gained an MSc from the Metanoia Institute (University of Middlesex) in Organisational Development. Juliet is based at the Tavistock Institute and Bainbridge Print Studios in South London.

Click here for more information.

Herbert Windeler (LI 1911-1914)

THERE are few private memorials to individuals on the Western Front. Four of them are to Old Marlburians, one of which is in memory of Herbert Windeler, who died 100 years ago in the Battle of Cambrai.

Herbert was a good sportsman, playing in the three quarters in the 1st XV ("always gets his man but sometimes fails to find touch with his kicks"). He took a commission in the 4th Battalion of the Grenadier Guards, and fought with them throughout 1917.

On 27th November of that year his battalion was in the main street of Fontaine (close to Cambrai), but a strong German counter-attack pushed them back into the infamous Bourlon Wood, where Herbert was killed by a sniper hidden in a tree. His batman buried him in a shallow grave, but his body was never recovered.

At the request of his parents the local landowner erected a memorial to their son on the spot where Herbert is thought to have fallen, where despite being damaged by thieves during WWII, it remains to this day.

 - Herbert Windeler (LI 1911-1914) died 27th November 1917 -

Garland set for the gruelling Marathon des Sables

BEST wishes to Hugo Garland (TU 2004-09), who on Tuesday morning will begin running the Marathon des Sables - a gruelling 251km ultra-marathon foot race, the equivalent of approximately 6 regular marathons, in 6 days.  

This year will be the first time the challenge has been ran outside of Morocco, and will be happening in the notoriously dry Ica desert, in Peru. In a twist of fate, Hugo is beginning his challenge on his birthday, 27th November.

Hugo is running to raise money for the Precious Sisters Charity. With a family background based in Kenya, Hugo is proud to be running for this exceptional small charity. They strive to get intelligent girls from shockingly impoverished backgrounds, through top local secondary education, with the ambition of winning scholarships to the US and to universities in Kenya itself.  While primary education is free and widespread, secondary education in Kenya must be paid for, and is thus beyond the means of most families, especially for daughters. They have had brilliant success to date, and are certainly creating female leaders in Africa.

547 girls have been supported through secondary school education since the foundation of the charity in 2006, and 90% have gone on to Higher Education. 

In 2016 there were 104 girls in 4 Kenyan schools, receiving financial support and mentoring through the charity, plus 92 girls in university education. 

After leaving Marlborough, Hugo attended Loughborough University to read International Relations, as well as playing rugby and representing the University at Water Polo throughout his time there. On leaving, he studied in Lyon at Sciences Po for a year reading politics and intelligence in French, and afterwards worked as a shipbroker in the City chartering supertankers. He is now working in property. 

Ironman and other endurance challenges are very much part of the diet – but the Marathon des Sables is a difference level of challenge altogether. 

You can make a donation here or follow his progress, live via GPS tag, here.

Bursary Fundraising Auction Now Live!



Plus loads of other exciting prizes – open to all bidders
175th Anniversary Bursary Fundraising Auction is now LIVE!

Log on to the auction here

Closes at 8.30pm during the Sotheby’s Private View on Tuesday 12th December. 

To be a part of this unique event please click here for ticket details.

Ultramarathon Challenge in Cambodia

GOOD friends Matt Pocock (TU 1995-2000) and Mark Ferguson, will be embarking on a unique ultramarathon challenge in Cambodia at the end of November.

The challenge is to run a distance of over 300km from the capital city of Phnom Penh to Siem Reap over a period of six days, and to finish the epic journey by completing the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon.

The driving force behind this is to raise funds for a Cambodian charity, the Temple Garden Foundation, and an ambitious target of USD50,000 has been set.

Click here to find out more about this crazy test of endurance!

If you would like to sponsor Matt and Mark, and donate to this very worthy cause, please click here.

From Wiltshire to world-class orchestra

LAWRENCE Davies (C3 1980-85) taught by Robin Kellow, one of the longest serving members of the College staff, is now the principle French horn of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Click here for the full story.

Private View with Drinks and Canapés hosted by Soho House and Kirsty Young

Tuesday 12th December, Sotheby’s, 34-35 New Bond Street
Celebrating Marlborough Art under Robin Child and 50 Years of Girls at Marlborough

Art Exhibition featuring the work of Emily Faccini (LI 1983-85), Susannah Fiennes (LI 1976-78), Rose Shorrock (MO 1990-92) and Silvy Weatherall (TU 1984-86)

A Private view is to be held on Tuesday 12th December to raise funds in support of Marlborough College RNCF/Springboard Busaries.  A silent auction will be held on the night, you will also be able to bid even if you are not able to attend.  Detail of the auction items will be sent to you by email well in advance of the evening. 
Sotheby’s have generously donated the gallery space, Soho House the gourmet cuisine and we are delighted that Kirsty Young will host this really special evening.  This event really is one you will not want to miss so book in now to avoid disappointment!
To find out more, book a ticket or register for the silent auction click here.

The exhibition can be viewed at Sotheby’s from Monday 11th to Thursday 14th December.

Fifty years ago the first girls joined Marlborough College.  John Dancy, Master of the College between 1961 and 1972, appreciated that independent schools needed to respond to the winds of change and he modified the curriculum, broadened access and, to the consternation of some, admitted girls.  Another of Dancy’s great achievements was to elevate the importance of the Art Education and he appointed Robin Child to be Head of Art.  Under Robin’s guidance the Art School at Marlborough grew enormously and examination results were extraordinary, as was the impact his teaching had on the lives of thousands of young people.  This exhibition of work by four of his former pupils is to celebrate both the fiftieth anniversary of co-education at Marlborough and the importance of Robin Child’s time at the College.

OM honoured as Queen’s Chaplain

ANDREW Studdert-Kennedy (C3 1972-76) has been appointed Honorary Chaplain to the Queen.

Speaking about the appointment, he said:  “I am as delighted as I am surprised to have received this honour. I feel I do so on behalf of parish ministry generally.

“It is great to share the honour with the parishioners of Marlborough, where I have been privileged to serve for fifteen years. I give special thanks to my colleagues and above all to my family."

Read more on the story here.

All set for the Silk Cup

MARLBOROUGH and Radley will compete for the Silk Cup on Saturday afternoon, a trophy named in honour of Dennis Silk (CR 1955-68).

Presented by The Marlburian Club, the Silk Cup is in honour of DRW Silk who was both the coach of the all-conquering Marlborough XV of 1963 and subsequently Warden of Radley from 1968-1991.

Radley were the inaugural winners of the trophy in 2013, but last year (2016) Marlborough won the day with nine wins, two draws and five defeats from all fixtures.

On Saturday the XV travel to Radley with kick-off at 2.30pm. Click here for a full list of fixtures this weekend.

Best wishes to all teams taking part this weekend.

Spitsbergen Retraced

A feature length documentary about the Spitsbergen Retraced expedition, led by James Lam (CO 2007-2012) is being premiered at the Royal Geographical Society on Saturday 11th November 2017.

Free tickets are available here:

Do You Ever Remember?

THE Unthanks have a new single, Do You Ever Remember, which features the poetry of Nick Drake’s (C1 1962-68) mother, Molly, whose work was a huge influence on Nick Drake’s writing.

The video is made up of Super 8 footage of Nick Drake as a child, as released by Gabrielle Drake, Nick’s sister.

You can see the video by clicking here.

The album, Diversions Vol4 The Songs and Poems of Molly Drake, is available on Amazon.

Club Day this Saturday - Register Now

CLUB Day 2017 is being combined with a Festival of Sport to celebrate 175th Anniversary of the College and the 50th Anniversary of Girls.

There is a full schedule of events for OMs of all ages – but do remember to register in advance if you will be attending.

The day will begin with coffee in Norwood before the Marlburian Club AGM in the Adderley at 9.30am. Tours will also be available for OMs as well as a look inside classrooms and the Chapel service will commence at 10.15am including an OM Choir.
There will also be a lecture by David du Croz ‘War Stories: Marlborough and Marlburians 1914-18’ as well as a drinks reception and lunch in Norwood. The Festival of Sport, throughout the afternoon, includes a wide range of OM Sports fixtures.
Book Now
If you would like to attend, please click the 'Book Now' button to register online.

Regaining Life’s Winding Trail

DR Henry Disney (B1 1952-57) has written Regaining Life’s Winding Trail. The book is, in the author's own words, ‘a rambling set of anecdotes and poetic reflections on (his) unusual life'.

He begins life as a shy child relishing in nature's gifts. After a successful stint in the army, Disney pursues his love of natural history to become a research entomologist. His work takes him to places around the world, young family, and loving wife in tow. He becomes a respected and accomplished scientist with a vast number of publications. He undertakes his work with such zeal that he surely earns the title ‘the king of scuttle flies'.

Where others fail, Disney's scientific knowledge and strong faith live harmoniously side by side. Disney's use of poetry and the collection of his poems included in this autobiographical musing bridge the supposed gulf between science and the arts.

He says: “It is a tale of unexpected changes in my life. I wrote the book following sustained pressure from family, colleagues, and friends. One having urged me to do so added I would have to call it fiction as nobody would believe it otherwise!  Many having heard odd anecdotes of unusual incidents or encounters said I must put all these into the wider context of my life story.”

Henry Disney was born in 1938 and was separated from his parents for part of the War; while his wife-to-be had to be dug from the remains of her home following a bombing raid. After the War he was partly brought up in the Sudan, he served on active service in Cyprus during his National service in 1958, and he carried out research in the rain forests of Belize and Cameroon, as well as on a three-month expedition to Indonesia. He was in charge of a Field Centre and National Nature Reserve in Yorkshire before moving in 1984 to become a researcher at the University of Cambridge. He has been author or co-author of about 600 scientific publications, with his co-authors being from more than 50 countries across the world. He has served on various public bodies as well as being a churchwarden. He has previously published ten collections of poetry, many reflecting on his position as a scientist and ‘Lapsed atheist'.

For more information please click here.

Graham Bagnall (C2 1960-64)

Even at the age of 71, Graham is still enjoying competitive rowing - the more so having retired last year!

This season he has won gold medals at the British Masters in coxed 4's (age group 65/70), at Henley Masters in 8's (age group 65/70), and at World Masters on Lake Bled, Slovenia in 8's (age group 70/75). 

OMs Meet in Hong Kong

JONATHAN Cheng (B2 1982-86) and Timothy Haynes (B2 1980-85) recently met up when their paths crossed in Hong Kong.

If you would like to be put in touch with any of your OM friends, why not send an email to and we will try to forward it on to them.

Football United

ROMAN Barker (BH 2002-07) is currently living in Lebanon, training 10-year-old Syrian refugees to play five-a-side football.

'I would never have thought training for sport all those years at Marlborough, that one day I would be using these skills to coach refugee children in Lebanon. As I try to explain the concepts of team work and focus in Arabic, surrounded by mountains and the piercing sun, it makes me smile to think of the patience of my coaches at Marlborough and the muddy Wedgwood slopes.'

You can read more about it and donate here.

Dr Saiful Bhari Kassim (B1 1986-91)

Dr Saiful Bhari Kassim (B1 1986-91) is due to return to Malaysia to take up his post as Consultant Endocrinologist at Gleneagles Hospital, Kuala Lumpur.

You can read more about Saiful here and his return to Malaysia.


Gallery: Cycle to the Somme

CONGRATULATIONS to all 64 riders who completed the Cycle to the Somme, reaching Thiepval Memorial on Sunday 15th October.

A review of the event will follow, but a gallery of images from a memorable few days can be viewed here.

OM Cycle to the Somme

A team of 65 riders - made up of Old Marlburians, parents and staff - will cycle over 250 miles from Marlborough College to the Somme, raising money for the Marlborough College Bursary Programme.

The team which will set off on Friday 13th October before a 70-mile cycle to Portsmouth. An overnight Ferry will mark the start of day two - which will end at Forge-les-Eaux. On Sunday the group will head east towards Thiepval - crossing the Somme before entering the battlefields area. At Thiepval Memorial there will be a commitment of the Wreath. On arrival in Arras there will be a Commemorative Dinner, to remember and celebrate the 749 Marlburians who died in WWI.

Follow Cycle to the Somme on Twitter via @OldMarlburians here.


If you would like to donate to the effort then please click here to visit the JustGiving page.

About The Marlborough College Bursary Appeal

When Marlborough founded by the clergy in 1843 it was to educate a significantly wider group of pupils for the good of everyone and to be a place with a social purpose. This founding principal remains as powerful a belief today as it did then and since 2015 we have been working to expand our bursary provision to realign ourselves with the position of our founders.We set our ourselves a target of 20 full bursaries by 2025 and are on track to meet this. We currently have 76 pupils receiving a Bursary of over 50% (107 on some form of bursary), and eight of whom are on full Bursaries. We are delighted to say there will be ten Full Bursaries from 2018. The College, recognising that it cannot solely rely on gifts from our community, has increased its financial commitment from 6% to 9% of fee remission (£2.2m).

Diamond anniversary

THE Marlburian Club would like to congratulate Richard Russell (B1 1943-48) and his wife, Carol, who have just marked their Diamond Wedding anniversary.

They were married in the church of St Lawrence, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Gloucestershire, on 21 September 1957.

Bing Crosby in 'The Road To Rock 'n' Roll'

BING Crosby in 'The Road To Rock 'n' Roll' airs on BBC Radio 2 on Wednesday 11th October from 10.00 to 11.00pm.

The show is written and produced by Lewis Borg Cardona (BH 1973-77).

You can find out more details via the BBC website here.

OM Hockey players required!

ARE you an OM Hockey player? If you would like to be a part of the Festival of Sport at Marlborough on Saturday 4th November, then read on…

Players are required for a social match on the day – which will be part of Club Day and a celebration of sport at Marlborough, part of the College’s 175th Anniversary celebrations.

If you would like to play for a mixed OM Hockey team on the day, kicking off at 2.30pm, then please email your interest to

Volunteering in Mongolia

SAM Eatough (C2 2011-16) has recently returned from a two month trip to Mongolia where he worked as a volunteer for the Lotus Children’s Centre.

In his words, “It was an extraordinary experience that I shall never forget. My time in Mongolia was one of the best, the worst, and most interesting experiences of my life. And despite the obvious flaws I came across, it has bettered me as a human being, and opened my eyes to a whole new world."

He raised just under £2,000.00 through charitable donations from an international cycle tour in South Africa in March, all of which was donated to Lotus as a gift.

Ellen Arkwright

ELLEN Arkwright (MM 2007-12) is now working as a freelance singer in London. She has classical repertoire in addition to a jazz trio, function band and DJ's.

She is available for events at weddings, funerals, member’s clubs and all other functions.

Her website can be found by clicking here.

BBC Radio 4 interview with Emily Brett (LI 1994-96)

EMILY Brett (LI 1994-96) was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 about her humanitarian work with refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK, which includes many women and children.

She has also recently won support from the EU. Emily specialises in working with refugees recovering from mass violence, torture trafficking and other cruelty and founded Ourmala, a not-for-profit, to support the many struggling to make a new life here in the UK. You can hear the interview here.

Ourmala is holding a special yoga fundraiser event on September 30th to celebrate the community and support more refugees and people seeking asylum. It's shaping-up to be beautiful and Emily would love it if you will be able to join them and spread the word!

You can book tickets and find out more here.

William Morris ‘Heaven on Earth’ Appeal

KELMSCOTT Manor, home of William Morris (A House 1848-51), one the most distinguished names in the register of Old Marlburians, contains a magnificent collection of artworks related to Morris and his circle, and attracts a large number of visitors each year.

Bequeathed to the Society of Antiquaries of London in 1962 the Society is embarking on a £6 million conservation-led development of the house and estate. Awarded £4.7 million toward the project by the Heritage Lottery Fund  the Society is seeking to match funds to meet the remaining shortfall before 2018. 

Members of William Morris’s alma mater, Marlborough College, are critically important to the success of the project.  You can support the Kelmscott project by making a donation; gifts of £500 will be recorded in perpetuity in a special ‘Commemorative Companion’ book and gifts of £5,000 or more will be recorded on a special stone plaque as a ‘Kelmscott Manor Benefactor’. 

For more information about the project please email Dr Richard Barber, or the Society’s Head of Development, Dominic Wallis or call 0207 479 7092.

Video: Cressida Cowell

WATCH Cressida Cowell (BH 1982-84), the bestselling author of the How To Train Your Dragon books, reveal the Sussex landscapes from her childhood which inspired a new magical kingdom.

Click here to watch the video feature.

Players required for Malones match

THE Malones will be returning to action on Club Day (Saturday 4th November) with those interested in playing asked to get in touch.

A massive thank you must be said to Tom Geddes (TU 2004-09), a stalwart of the Malones, who after an extended spell as club captain has now had to step down due to work commitments. The responsibility has now been handed down to Charlie Pascoe (C2 2008-13) and myself.

You’ll all be excited to hear that we are in the process of ordering some new kit, and are looking to arrange a second match against newly founded Bryanston old boys in the new year.

If you’re interested in getting involved in Malones’ rugby, please email me at and I’ll get you added to the Facebook group.

Sam Matanle (C2 2008-13)

Interview with Lauren Child

Lauren Child (B1 1982-84) was interviewed by The Observer and talked about why we expect too much from our children and should just let them develop their own creativity.

Click here to read the interview.

Apprenticeship Scheme opportunity with Asta

Asta is introducing an Apprenticeship Scheme for the first time and is looking for two ‘A’ level students who will be employed for a fixed period of 18 months. 

The Apprentices will gain valuable exposure to the activities of a Lloyd’s Managing Agent when they spend 6 month placements within 3 of the the following business functions which will include providing the teams with administrative support:

•    Underwriting Management
•    Risk and Compliance
•    Finance
•    Operations

They will also provide ad hoc administrative support to other teams at peak times.

The Apprentices will receive on the job training and will also be provided with full support from FWD, Asta’s Apprenticeship Levy partner, when they undertake the Level 3 General Insurance Practitioner Standard (CII Certificate in Insurance).

Click here for further information.

Frank Gardner at the Marlborough Literary Festival

FRANK Gardner (LI 1974-79) will be at the Marlborough Literary Festival on 30th September.

He will be discussing his novels, bestseller Crisis (published in 2016) and his latest fictional work, Ultimatum (to be published in November) where the action takes place against the complex, hugely contemporary setting of modern day Iran.

The event is now sold out. Click here for further information.

The Week: Tom Newton-Dunn

TOM Newton-Dunn (C2 1986-91) Political Editor at The Sun can be heard on the Week in Politics on Radio 4 where he looked behind the scenes at Westminster.

Click here to listen.

Memorial Service - Laurence Ellis

A Memorial Service will be held for Laurence Ellis this Friday 22nd September in Chapel.

Laurence (L.E.E. to many) died on Monday 7th August 2017 at the age of 85.

There will be a private Cremation Service but the family would like to invite anyone who knew Laurence to a Memorial Service in the Chapel at 2.00pm and to tea in the Norwood Hall afterwards.

He was a member of Common Room from 1955-1977, and Housemaster of C1 from 1968-1977. He left to become the Rector of The Edinburgh Academy. Amongst other things, he taught Mathematics, ran the Beagles, was involved with CCF, the Chapel and many sports as well as writing the timetable for many years.

His elder son, Jonathan, was in C3 from 1975-1980 and his younger son, Simon, was a member of CR from 1993-2017.

He is also survived by his wife Elizabeth, whom he met when she arrived at the College to work in the Sani, and his daughter, Mary.

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