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The Marlburian Club’s Charitable Funds exist to assist OMs in various circumstances as outlined below:
1.    Assistance with College fees: Assistance may be made available to ensure that when OMs with children at Marlborough encounter some unexpected severe hardship (sudden redundancy, severe illness or death) their children can complete their education at the College.

2.    Assistance with professional training expenses: Nowadays, more students are studying for postgraduate qualifications which often involve periods of study abroad. The Trustees have assisted OMs training to be doctors with some of the costs of medical elective studies overseas, a talented music graduate who had shown great initiative and determination in his fundraising was given a grant to enable him to undertake specialist training abroad and a former student was given a grant to take up a United Nations internship. 

3.    Assistance with gap year plans: Pupils are invited each year to apply for grants to help them, in their gap year, to undertake schemes which involve an element of service to those less privileged than themselves. About £5,000 is made available each year for this purpose (typical grants averaging about £400). Funds come from an endowment made by Judge Edwin Konstam (LI 1884-87).

4.    Constructive emergency assistance: Help is occasionally given to OMs who fall on hard times and are in need of short-term help in order to get them back on their feet. Such assistance is usually given in the form of a one-off ex gratia payment for a very specific purpose.

Beyond the categories of personal grants listed above, the Club has been able to give considerable financial help to the College, as a charity, making it possible to undertake capital improvements which would otherwise have been beyond its means. Such as the building of the Sixth Form Social Centre, The Marlburian Club, mobile shelving in the College Archives and contributing to the refurbishment of the Memorial Hall.

To apply for assistance from the Charitable Trust please either send an email to the Trustees at or write to them c/o The Marlburian Club, Marlborough College, Bath Road, Marlborough, Wilts SN8 IPA.
Mr Craig Stewart (MCCF Administrator)

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