OM Marriages
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Marriages Scarlett A Rogers 13/06/2019  
Scarlett Rogers (NC 1993-98) and Lincoln Bolsover (SU 1991-96) married on 24th December 2012.
Marriages Zoë T Lee 19/04/2019  
Zoe Tamara Lee (MM 1992-97) to Edward Oliver Delling-Williams 18th May 2015 at the Mairie du 18eme arrondissement Paris, France.
Marriages Omar M Salem 18/01/2019  
Omar Salem (C3 1995-2000) married Laura Stoddart on 14th July 2018.
Marriages Emma L Pick 18/09/2018  
Emma Pick (EL 2002 - 2007) to Lt James Silcock RN on 18 August 2018 at Bryanston School.

Marriages Susannah S Tresilian 10/09/2018  
Susannah Tresilian (NC 1992-97) married Nouman Qureshi on 21st July 2018, at the Art Pavilion in London
Marriages Elizabeth K Stables 04/09/2018  
Elizabeth Stables (EL 1995-99) to Dario Oliveri at St James's Church, Chipping Campden on 30th September 2017
Marriages Natalie L Fraser 25/05/2018  
Adam Fraser and Natalie McGrorty (PR 1994-96) married on 7th May 2018
Marriages Crispin M Welby 17/04/2018  
Crispin Welby (PR 1953-57) married April Katherine Ord nee Curtis on 4th June 2017 in Newcastle upon Tyne. All children, most grandchildren and both great grandchildren attended.

Marriages Alexandre M Guerin 19/02/2018  
Ally Guerin (CO 2002-07) married Alice Scott on 21st October 2017.
Marriages Camilla S Sheehan 11/01/2018  
Camilla Sheehan (nee Brown) (MO 1992-98) got married on 5th September 2015.
Marriages Michael P Bush 24/11/2017  
Michael Bush (TU 1993-98) married Lesley Olsen on 8th April 2017.
Marriages Michael P Bush 17/11/2017  
Mike Bush (TU 1993-98) married Lesley Olsen
Marriages Alexander J Foot 18/10/2017  
Alexander Foot (SU 2001-06) married Celia Dehnert on 6th August 2016.
Marriages Laura H Linley-Adams 15/08/2017  
Laura H Pick (EL 1999-2004) married William Linley-Adams on Saturday 5th August 2017.

Marriages James L Cowper-Coles 26/07/2017  
James Cowper-Coles (SU 2004-09) married Señorita Carmen Hazas Gonzalez in Madrid on May 6th 2017
Marriages Benjamin J Wingent 19/06/2017  
Ben Wingent (PR 1995-2000), was married to Lauren Gould in Colorado, USA on September 23rd 2016.
Marriages Philippa C Middleton 22/05/2017  
Phillippa Middleton married James Matthews on Saturday 20th May
Marriages Sophia H Sobczynski 12/04/2017  
Sophia Barnes (PR 1998-2000) married Christopher Sobczynski in April 2016
Marriages Christopher J Ridley 30/03/2017  
Chris Ridley (B1) 2002-2007 marrying Yasmeen Khatib on April 1st, 2017 at Glenalmond College. Perthshire.
Marriages Kate F Guinness 27/03/2017  
Kate Guinness (NC 1998-2003) and Julian de Segundo (C2 1999-2004) married in October 2016.
List has 85 notes on 5 pages << < 1 2 3 4 5 > >>