OM Deaths
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Announcement Peter S White 17/10/2019  
Peter White (C3 1954-58) died on the 30th September 2019. A short obituary can be found here:

Announcement David M Harbinson 15/10/2019  
David Harbinson (LI 1958-62) died on 31st August 2019.
Announcement John R Andrews 09/10/2019  
John Andrews (B3 1953-58) died in August 2019.
Announcement Edward H Lander 01/10/2019  
Edward Hugh Leach Lander (B3 1949-53) died on the 11th July. The memorial service took place at St Peters Church, Flushing on 27 September 2019. His Published works included English Cottage Interiors, The House Restorers Guide, Do's and Dont's of House & Cottage restoration plus other works.

Announcement Kenneth Cathan 25/09/2019  
Professor Kenneth Cathan (B1 1967-71) died on 13th September 2017.
Announcement Anthony M Shaw 19/09/2019  
Anthony Shaw (C2 1959-63) has died.
Announcement Robert P Frome 16/09/2019  
We are very sad to share that Robert Frome (C1 2006-11) has died in a hiking accident in Greece.
Announcement Anthony C Myer 09/09/2019  
Anthony Myer died on 4th March 2019 aged 84. Beloved husband of Frances, father of Edward and William and grandfather of Raoul, Zachary and Arlo.
Announcement Philip E Suter 27/08/2019  
Philip Suter (C2 1946-51) died on the 17th August following heart surgery earlier in the year.
Announcement Edward N Sewell 21/08/2019  
Edward Nicholas Sewell (B2 1965-69) sadly died 18th April 2019
Announcement Desmond H McElney 16/04/2019  
Desmond Harper McElney died peacefully in his sleep on 31st August 2018. Loving husband to Jan and father to Susan, Gerald and Mark.
Announcement William S Oglethorpe 16/04/2019  
William Stuart Oglethorpe (B1 1940-44) died on 28 January 2019, aged 92.
Announcement Henry E Milligan 29/07/2019  
Dr Henry Milligan (LI 1941- 45) died July 2019
Announcement Norman A Boyd 15/07/2019  
Norman "Adrian" Boyd (C2 1948-52) died on June 8th 2019 aged 85.
Announcement Richard T Bewes 09/07/2019  
The Rev Richard Bewes OBE (B2 1948-53) died on May 10th 2019, aged 84.
Announcement Peter L Tennant 08/07/2019  
Peter Tennant (B1 1943) died on 29 June aged 89. Known as Bugs Tennant because of his interest in butterflies and moths, a hobby he kept up for the rest of his life. Father of Tim (C3 1968), James (C3 1970) and Chris (C3 1972) and brother of the late Harry (B1 1946).

Announcement Dennis R Silk 21/06/2019  
Dennis Silk CBE (CR 1955-68) died on the 20th June
Announcement Denis R Beaumont-Edmonds 17/06/2019  
Denis Roy Beaumont-Edmonds (known as Roy) (CO 1936-40) died on 9th June 2019 aged 96.
Announcement Paul R Killick 14/06/2019  
Paul Killick (B2 1978-82) died 11th of October 2018 following a diagnosis of cancer.
Announcement Richard M Moody 13/06/2019  
Richard Moody (B2 1939-43) died on 10th June 2019.
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