OM Births
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Births Zoë T Lee 19/04/2019  
To Zoe Tamara Lee (MM 1992-97) and her husband Edward Oliver Delling- Williams a son Houdini Edward, born September 2018, a younger brother to Geronimo Robert.
Births Karim W Salazar Antoni 03/05/2019  
To Karim Salazar Antoni (BH 1979-84) and Mirna a boy, Henri Maxwell.
Births Elizabeth K Stables 16/08/2018  
To Elizabeth Stables( EL 1995-99) and her husband Dario Oliveri a daughter, Serena Rose, on 16th August 2018
Births Katie E Goad 04/10/2018  
To Katie Goad (née Ratner; EL 1993-97) and Oliver, a daughter, Ottilie Imogen Emma, born 29th March 2018, a younger sister to Archibald Albi Oliver, born 27th August 2016.
Births Charles J Kendrick 13/09/2018  
To Charlie Kendrick (C1 1998-2003) and his wife Rosanna, a daughter Sophie Rose in June 2018
Births Michael P Bush 21/08/2018  
To Mike Bush (TU 1993-98) and his wife Lesley a daughter Emma, on the 19th August 2018
Births Elizabeth H Hamilton 29/05/2018  
Neil and Elizabeth Hamilton (née Swinn) (LI 2006-2008) are delighted to announce the birth of their daughter Cara Freya on 1st September 2017.
Births Louise M Whitestone 25/05/2018  
Louise Whitestone (MM/LI 1992-1997) and Sebastian Whitestone (TU 1988-1992) are pleased to announce the birth of their son Louie Erasmus Whitestone born on 8th October 2017. Louie also has 5 OMs for godparents - Ben Bradbury (1988-1993), Amon Mahmud (1988-1993), Adam Shaw (1992-1997), Ciara Bolsover (neé Yerbury)(1990-1995) and Kate Faber (neé Dauman) (1992-1997).

Births Edward C Dickson 22/05/2018  
Edward Dickson (SU 2005-07) and his wife Joanna are delighted to announce the birth of their second child, Henry George Dickson, born at 18.26 on Tuesday 24th April 2018, weighing 8lbs 7oz - a little brother for Andrew.
Births Alexandra G Hollingsworth 22/05/2018  
To Alexandra Hollingsworth, nee Peal (EL 1999-2004), and Simon, a son, Lorcan John Wilfrid, on 21 April 2018.
Births Julian W de Segundo 23/04/2018  
Louis was born to Kate (née Guinness, NC 1998-2003) and Julian de Segundo(C2 1999-2004) on Sunday, 11th March.
Births Henry N Preston 16/01/2018  
To Henry Preston (C2 1995-2000) and his wife, Zareena, a daughter, Sofia, on 17 July 2017.
Births Camilla S Sheehan 11/01/2018  
Camilla Sheehan (MO 1992-98) is delighted to announce the birth of her son, Finn Sheehan on 3rd July 2017.
Births Flora T Milligan 11/12/2017  
To Flora Milligan, née Noble (TU 2003-2005) and Ivar, a daughter, Sophia Rose Milligan on 17th September 2017.
Births Matthew P Cockcroft 27/09/2017  
To Matt Cockcroft (C2 2000-2002) and his wife Francesca, a daughter, Matilda Anne Rabl, on 7 September 2017.
Births Georgina K Bowes 08/09/2017  
To Georgie Bowes (nee Cockcroft; EL 2000-2005) and her husband Oli, a daughter, Ophelia Willow Olivia, born March 2017
Births Harry C Vickers 04/09/2017  
To Harry Vickers (SU 2000-05) and his wife Emma, a son William born in March 2017
Births Michelle J Chan 14/07/2017  
To Michelle Jana Chan (Turner TU 1990-92) and Mike Reeves (C1 1989-94) a son, Manta Time Chan, born on 23rd March 2017. A brother to Mara and Miro.
Births Andrew P Cochrane 06/07/2017  
Andrew Cochrane (C3 1992-97) and his wife Katrina are delighted to announce the birth of their first child Phoebe Catherine, in Sydney on 20th June 2017.
Births Katharine M Vine 28/06/2017  
Kitty Irby (EL 1997-2002) and her husband Alexander Vine are proud to announce the birth of their daughter Cecily Mary Rose Irby Vine born 29/4/16.
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