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Marlburian Club Professional Groups

In an increasingly competitive, global world, with ever more complex, multi-disciplinary careers, the Marlburian Club is aware of the benefits that can be gained from networking and sharing ideas.

The Marlburian Club Professional Alumni Groups make it easier for alumni from similar professions to meet and build new relationships with other Marlburians.

Throughout the year we invite alumni to attend a range of sector-specific events to keep you up to date with the latest developments in your field. From the creative arts to law and the finance sector we offer a varied programme of engaging events with topical guest speakers and professional networking opportunities. Our networks assist in connecting Marlburians with each other, bringing together individuals with shared interests.  Please see the event page for details of forthcoming Professional Group Events.

Main aims and objectives:

•    Provide a forum for alumni in the various sectors to connect, interact and to network with one another
•    Create a programme of professional networking and social events at which alumni can discuss and debate industry issues and hot topics of interest with sector leaders, experts and opinion formers
•    Enable the development of mentoring networks for both OMs and current pupils.

We have the following groups up and running, each with a Group Head(s), often supported by a senior professional within the Industry and assisted by the Club Office.

Art, Architecture & Design
Alex Tart (CO 1987-92)

Arts & Media
Susannah Tresilian (NC 1992-97)

Alethea Steven (NC 1994-99)

Andrew Shepherd (LI 1993-98)

Business, Banking & Finance
Imran Tayabali (LI 1989-94)

Via the Club

Digital Enterprises (including science and technology)
Mark Tidmarsh (B3 1983-87)

Jim Spender (C2 1987-92)

Craig Stewart (B3 1979-84)
Via the Club

Sean Dempster (CR 1994-2017)
Via the Club

James Meredith (B2 1988-93)

Ali Wade (TU 1989-94)

Greg Wang (CO 1985-90)
Via the Club

HM Forces
Jamie Geddes (TU 2002-07)

Claire Evans (B2 1986-88)

Masonic Lodge
Julian Soper (LI 1979-81)

Simon Arnold (B1 1971-76)

For the OM Choir - Mark Williams (C3 1976-80)
Via the Club

Not for Profit
Mayoor Patel (PR 1973-77)

Public Sector
Sue Bishop (C2 1977-79)
Via the Club

James Gillett (C2 1971-75)

PR, Marketing, Communications and Recruitment
Alex Northcott (B1 1982-87)

Karen Hill (B2/MM 1988-90)
Via the Club

Women’s Network
Lara Cowan (MO 1992-97)  

Susannah Tresilian (NC 1992-97)

Miriam Foster (TU 2001-03)
Via the Club

How to get involved

If you would like to join a Professional Group, be kept informed of its development and be invited to events, please email the Club Office.

You don’t need to be working within a particular industry to come along to the events or join a group. All are welcome.

If you have any ideas for events or would be able to host or sponsor an event then, again please contact the Club Office.

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