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OM Lacrosse Annual Report
03 June 2018

OM Team: Clementine Haxby (EL 2009-14), Cordelia Keevil (MO 2001-06), Teddie Naish (MO 2006-11), Katie Vogel (EL 2011-16), Isobel Woods (PR 2013-15), Antonia Hudson (LI 2010-12), Anna Morhead (MM 2012-14), Laetitia (Tish) Jervis (EL 2006-11), Henrietta Watson (EL 2006-11), Melinda Hudson (LI 2012-14), Heidi Marvin (CR 2003-11), Chris Border (CR 2017-18)

This year’s OM match took place alongside the College’s 175th/50th Anniversary, a truly spectacular day of commemoration and celebration. A healthy thirteen OM’s signed up to take on the talented and cohesive 1st XII College team. However, the OM team were also not lacking talent, with numerous current and retired international players representing England, Scotland and Wales. This was set to be an exciting match!

The OM’s got off to a flying start with fantastic goals from Isobel Woods (PR 2013-15) and Heidi Marvin (CR 2003-11). Henrietta Watson (EL 2006-11) and Melinda Hudson (LI 2012-14) worked tirelessly in defence for the OM’s causing numerous turnover and initiating fluid transitions down the pitch. The 1st XII responded well and created some aesthetically pleasing team goals. Current 1st XII goal keeper Daisy Mitford Slade (L6, MM) was outstanding, saving shots from international OM’s with ease and confidence. The final score resulted in an 8-6 win for the OM’s. Well played to all involved and thank you to the umpires and spectators for all their support.

The OM Lacrosse group is ever expanding, gaining traction year on year. If you would like to take part in the annual OM vs 1st XII match, then please do not hesitate to contact Antonia Hudson (Li 2010-12) via email

Antonia Hudson (LI 2010-12)
Head of Lacrosse, Marlborough College

Players wanted for OM Lacrosse match
03 February 2016

A date has been confirmed for an OM Lacrosse match – with the call now out for players!

The fixture will take place at Marlborough on Prize Day, Saturday 28th May against the College.

Jen Cohen, Mistress in Charge of Lacrosse, said: “Over the years the College’s lacrosse program has expanded and we now have 6 teams representing Marlborough on a regular basis.

“Players have made county and regional teams during their time at Marlborough and some have even gone on to play for England and Scotland. This match is an opportunity for OMs to come back to the College and enjoy an afternoon playing lacrosse once again.”

If you would like to take part in the match then please send an email to Kate Goodwin, Alumni Relations Manager, here.

Lacrosse Match
21 June 2012

Sunday 18th March brought the First Annual Old Marlburian Lacrosse Match.

The day started with dark skies and a short bout of hail, but soon the clouds parted and excitement spread as OM girls arrived for the historical event.

The game was fun and friendly in nature but the Upper Sixth took no pity on OMs lack of fitness and rusty stick skills and were relentless in their scoring.

The OM team was composed of a formidable list of Lacrosse leavers from 1992 to 2011; Olivia Scotts (PR 2008-10), Dordie Brett (EL 1992-96), Hen Watson (EL 2006-11), Nicky White, Georgina Lloyd Parry (MO 1992-92), Amelia Thorton (LI 2008-10), Teddie Naish (MO/BH 2006-11), Clemmie Darby (EL 2004-09), Nish Baring (TU 2007-09), Livia Bridgman-Baker (LI 2007-09) and Milla Warner (TU 2007-09).

We were graced by the presence a few members of the Common Room with varying Lacrosse experience, Rachel Culp (Open 2nd Lacrosse Coach and former US player), J Hodgson (U-14 Lacrosse Coach), J Doldon (Artist in Residence) and M R Betts (Drama Graduate Assistant).



Their team, composed mostly of 2012 leavers, played with the same composure and competitiveness that they have been showcasing all term. Antonia Hudson (LI), Alice Scotts (PR) and Bunny Johnson (EL) led in goals scored, with points also coming from Clemmie Haxby (EL), Emily Bedford (NC) and Georgie Govan (EL). Helen Bowater (MO), Francesca Mortell (LI), Cosi Baring (LI), Jessy Dibben (MM), Freddie Hampel (NC), and Phoebe Nixon (LI) in goal completed the squad.

Photo: Jo Doldon, Artist in Residence; Britt Faulkner, Head of Lacrosse; Rachel Culp, Upper School Graduate Assistant and Matthew Betts, Drama Graduate Assistant.


All contributed to the victorious team play of the U6th. We celebrated the success of the match with the company of the OM Boys Hockey and curry in the Common Room. The tradition of an annual OM Girls' Lacrosse is one that will be upheld and hopefully next year will bring more participants including 2012 Leavers!

B K Faulkner
Head of Lacrosse

Club Secretary
Please contact the Club Office if you would be interested in taking on this role.


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