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OM Finance & Banking Group

Finance & Banking Group Champion
Imran Tayabali

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The OM Finance & Banking Group is for all OMs associated with any of the following, including young OMs on the first rung of the career ladder, and retired OMs. 

Wealth Management and Stockbroking
(including private banking)

Champion: Ivo Clifton (SU 1981-86)
Equity Finance and Capital Creation - For those in equity finance, venture capital and investment banking
Champion: Please contact Imran Tayabali  if you are interested in this vacancy
Accountancy & Corporate Finance
Champion: Please contact Imran Tayabali (LI 1989-94) if you are interested in this vacancy
Finance Related Services - For those involved in High Street Banking or other financial services
Champion: Please contact Imran Tayabali if you are interested in this vacancy
Champion:  Andrew Barnes (B1 1973-79)

The OM Banking & Finance Group aims to create a network of OMs in Finance who share the ethos, attitude and outlook on life gained at Marlborough. This affiliate group aspires to:

  • Be very well organised
  • Host interesting and unusual events that capture the interests of people in the finance sector
  • Provide a well thought out programme of mentoring for pupils and young OMs
  • Gather data in a systematic and methodical way, including identifying donor prospects
  • Create a dynamic, high profile and sector-leading networking group that aims to be a key factor for prospective parents considering Marlborough

All objectives will be alligned with those of The Marlburian Club and the College

Structure of The Finance & Banking Group
Headed by a Club Secretary •  Segmented by industry segment  •  Each named industry sector will have a Champion 

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